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Grant Guidelines

The purpose of the AKCCOP Grant Program is to provide financial assistance to members who are in the process of continuing their education, but need financial assistance.
Since 1984 AKCCOP has given out over $22,000 in grants to AKCCOP members who are continuing their education and/or professional development. Grants of up to $200 per academic year/per applicant are awarded on a priority basis.

Any current AKCCOP member may apply for a grant by submitting the following to our President:

  • Completed Grant Application
  • Photocopy of current year membership card
  • Letter of recommendation from a fellow college employee, preferably a supervisor
  • Proof of enrollment in a definite college program or course of study

Deadlines for submitting applications for consideration by the Executive Board:

  • September 1st for review at the fall Executive Board meeting
  • March 1st for review at the spring annual conference

The Executive Board of AKCCOP has primary responsibility for the program. Click here to view a list of Grant Program recipients.